The first one was replaced free of charge because it was still under warranty. So, 5 months into that machine, I now get 1/2 size cups of coffee. Coffee grounds in my coffee.have to strain every cup. We’ve had 4 Keurig’s break down in 6 months, 3 of them in 2 weeks. Thanks a ton! I know of at least 3 other people having a problem also. Voltage/Wattage: 120 V/1425 Watts. I’m having trouble with my Mini K15 brewer prematurely trickling water while the brewer is heating up. If re-seating the reservoir doesn’t work, remove and wash the external reservoir. The Bunn beats the Kuerig hands-down in my opinion. this makes me unhappy,upgraded to this 1 & already having issues,not good @ all. So how do you remove the thing from your Keurig coffee maker? As debris can clog a water line or needle, debris can also get into valves and tubes and block things open, leading to a continuous stream of water. You may just need to remove and re-seat the reservoir, or there may be debris in the port. Keurig gets grounds in the cup when brewing a partial cup, 24. Thanks for the advice. From our experience this can happen if the unit gets wet, either from washing or over filling the water reservoir. etc. 99 $219.99 $219.99 My unit was a gift and within a Montjuic has stopped working..It lights up and says “prime”thats it..Cleaned holding unit ,tried clearing screen by unplugging,nothing works..Had Starbucks unit for over 8 years ,might go back if this keeps being a pain in my arse…, I have the same exact issue!! In most scenarios, the factor responsible for this malfunction is the type of water you use. Another thing you can do is use bottled, filtered, or tap water instead of distilled water. Otherwise, all that pressure coming from your K-cup won’t stop going to the top. This video covers how to repair a Keurig Coffee Maker that isn't working. It’s a very simple problem to fix if you ask me. Keep at it until zero bubbles appear. As you can understand by now that keeping your Keurig coffee maker nice and clean has its own benefits. This did not happen with the original Keurig we had which didn’t work after cleaning. Anyway, just remove it for your machine to open and close like new. All that has to be removed is the top curved, smooth black piece covering the center assembly. Buy a new K-cup that’s Keurig-approved. wHAT DO I DO ? Two machines – the first (Breville) started brewing half cups after 1 year, and after puffing and slapping, we bought the second (Cuisinart). A clogged water line gives rise to many such problems. This is definitely an inferior product. Load more. Swing the small gate outward to remove the cup. Per authorities with Keurig, you should also take care. Now that you know what you’re doing wrong, it’s time to make it right. You can call the number listed above for instructions regarding the location of the nearest Keurig repair center. For years! Expect nothing but positive results at this point. The “Keurig Hype” has left me with a maintenance nightmare, 1/2 cup of coffee and satisfaction of the “first cup of coffee in the morning”. While Keurigs are quite a durable machine, customer service can only work so fast, and you’ll need some source of coffee while your Keurig is repaired. Another possibility is that the seal of the K-cup you’re using is not tight enough for stopping the leak. You just have to return your fancy unit. Mostly, this should eliminate the problem landing in your cup of coffee every time and ruining the whole sipping experience. That your Keurig coffee machine’s water reservoir needs more water. We will have to do some research and write an article on that. Please advise Clean and descale the machine (further instructions below.). 1-866-901-BREW (2739)Toll-free, 7 days a week7 am – 12 am EST, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.53 South AvenueBurlington, MA 01803. It’s also important to note that some Keurigs have an auto-shutoff timer feature. That was two and a half months ago and 4 phone call each lasting 30-45 minutes, except the last one of 45 seconds which I can say I probably left a jaw hanging. We found this page for you which hosts .pdf versions of various manuals: . I a. Your coffee makers are up there in price and should work more efficient! They all clog up after making just one cup of coffee. So this particular substance might be the culprit. My engineer hubby worked on it while I read these very helpful posts. The representative to whom the problem was discussed took down the serial number and promised to send a new machine. !I have a kuerig for ocassional use but bunn is the best 6 years strong on mine, and fastest pot of coffee 2mins and a full put is there. Time to test the coffee maker. Needless to say we won’t leave it for renters since issues with these machines seem abundant….not something you want to deal with on vacation. Now it’s safe to say that your Keurig is to blame for this. only with the k-cups not with carafe cups. This can be tied to several factors: For item 1, refer to your manual and make sure you’ve removed and replaced all the filters for your machine. Plug and unplug to make a cup of coffee and it says prime. After assuming the worst for my 13 month old machine, I cleaned the bottom of the K-cup holder thing with a paper clip, duh! Since the unit is under warranty I called the phone number stamped on the bottom of the machine. That regular maintenance has the ability to drastically minimize the chances of these problems taking form in the first place. Guess what manufacturer will not be on my list for a replacement . 5) The coffee was good, but not great to put up with this machine! Discard the pod if it is still in the machine and remove the needle mechanism. I'd suggest not using 8-ounce or further higher cup options when you're concerned about weak coffee taste. Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker Problems Friedcoffee. There are 3rd party reusable carafe filter pods available. Buy top selling products like Keurig® K-Supreme Plus™ Single Serve Coffee Maker MultiStream Technology™ in Stainless Steel and Keurig® K-Select® Single-Serve K-Cup® Pod Coffee Maker. You are in RIGHT PLACE. Bullshit. Also have bought myself a single brewer machine. Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker, Comes with Dishwasher Safe Milk Frother, Coffee Shot Capability, Nickel 4.6 out of 5 stars 8,253 $189.99 $ 189 . Be aware that the water inside your Keurig may still be very hot; you will probably want to power down the machine and let the water cool. You can call anytime between 7 in the morning till midnight (Eastern Standard Time), all 7 days throughout the week. This includes the magnetic water reservoir not being sealed as it should be. this website rocks it solved all of my stupid coffee machine problems!!!!!!! My sister and brother in law have had to replace 3 of the large brewers and we will be doing the third now but we will not get another Keureg. They didn’t ask me to a) the bill, or b) to send back the machine. It is VERY important to make sure you completely dissolve the powder in water as you don’t want the clumped together powder to clog your machine. No matter which “cup” button I push, I only get 1/2 cup of coffee. In most scenarios, when you move the gasket of the coffee maker down by one-third of an inch, the leaking issue gets resolved. water starts to run out of my keurig as soon as I turn it on. Chances are there are leftover coffee grounds in there that need to be removed. But if these things don’t happen, it means there’s a problem with the machine itself or the touchscreen. This has happened with a lot of users, and nobody knows how the plastic piece got there in the first place. I’ve tried plugging it in in different rooms and it stillblows the breaker. I have purchased 5 boxes of coffee in the past few months and have received them all, but not the “Part” that’s required to make coffee. The most common causes of this “prime” error message are a dirty water reservoir and water leakage at the time of heating. Keurig is a scam. Water is leaking from either top or bottom of the machine. It’s either because of the rubber band installed at the base of the water tank or there’s a seal or hose tear within the Keurig machine. Like the device or computer not working properly. Oh I’ve also tried to run every cup size too. Get the everyday essential Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker plus an assortment of 40 of our most popular coffees, including light, medium, and dark roasts to suit everyone’s taste. Keurig sent a new K 450 upgraded unit to us, when we received it we had the same problem, called tech support and they sent us another K 450 as well as 172 k cups to replace the ones we had, when we received this one it also woukd not work.. Two of them have been a real pain. Thanks so much! Have loved it up until 3:00 AM today. While it is true that you should use filtered water to cut down on scale damage, you don’t want to use distilled water. If you didn’t, let us know what issues you’re facing to see if we or other readers can help solve them. Many users find that after descaling their machine, their K-Cup coffee has an unpleasant vinegar taste. It’s great now that there are other brands available. I have owned 3 Keurig coffee makers, of which the “original, older model” has been the most dependable!! So you better know how to fix the issue. The ability to brew coffee, tea, and hot cocoa is especially helpful in satisfying everyone in need of a hot beverage. Unlike the earlier models, they now recommend citric acid solution for the 2.0 models as it is less harmful to the rubber gaskets, etc. My Keurig when I turn it on to make coffee the water runs out the bottom, what the heck is the problem???? Tamper with it! Keurig also replaced it (B70) under warranty. The primary cause of bitter or burnt coffee is oil build-up inside the machine. efficiency or not functioning altogether. I am on my 3rd machine. Go for a stronger or darker roast if you want your coffee to be bolder. Keurig K-10 Mini Plus Troubleshooting . Then check the ends of all the hoses, make sure there aren’t any blockages there. my machine does not show clock or anything when.I turn on and leaKS out all the water after I. on can’t get timer to work, This is happening with mine. How can you prevent such a tragedy from taking place? Thanks for the feedback Lee, it will definitely help others contemplating purchasing a K45! If you are running into some Keurig coffee maker problems, it is safe to say that the malfunctioning caused can be due to a number of reasons. In that case, here’s your first option in terms of solution. It’s highly likely the difference in the taste is an outcome of scale build-up within your Keurig coffee maker. 1075 Flower st nw can i use k cup without lip in one that uses lip ?? It’s important and even necessary to eliminate dirt and coffee grounds from all the parts of the machine. Anyone ever had this problem? Regular water tends to give rise to more scale formation inside the brewing line. So how can you expect the brewed coffee to be hot enough, taste good, or brew properly? I have to prime it almost everytime I brew a cup of coffee. I did leave my email and phone number and btw no follow up has been received after letting them know I still cannot make a cup of coffee. It tried my patience until today when I used 4 pods in a row to try to have a cup of coffee, same result on all 4 pods, about 3 ounces then it stopped. Avoid working on it while it’s hot and follow the instructions offered in the manual. No problems until I descaled the unit according to the manufacture’s instructions. At that point the K-cup is ruined and I still have no coffee. Same problem. I always keep the water canister full. Mine started making a half cup of coffee every time so I unplugged it for about ten minutes and plugged it back up and it started working fine. In the case of inadvertent leaks, these can be quite irritating to deal with. But you have to do this if the problem occurs only rarely, which is quite the case. We’ll be returning this one after less than 2 weeks of use & will not get another Keurig brand. Even the flavorings from other types of beverages can cause clogging. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a class action lawsuit. So what’s the solution to the problem? I have 2 Keurig coffee makers. In that case, switch to using tap water or bottled water. I wish I had known this before I almost lost my temper. iT HAS NEVER BEEN DROPPED OR TAMPERED WITH. I have the Kerig 2 and have the problem of bursting K cups. Do you have any suggestions. Tried everything from all the posts, forums, etc., concerning the stopped brewing problem. This can create a huge mess for you to clean up post-brewing. Keurig coffee maker troubleshooting Troubleshooting advice below is suitable for coffee makers produced by the American company Keurig Green Mountain, including such ranges as Keurig B44 and B30. When we returned home, I plugged the machine back in and it stayed on the preheating cycle for about 3 minutes. We are on our third Keurig. When unplugging fails to work, perform the following steps. Get the brewing head cleaned more frequently. Then there’s also debris that tends to build up within the water lines of the machine, thus making it almost impossible to work. Please help. Hopefully they improve these machines as it seems many people are running in to the same problems with them. So why should you make do with it! The Keurig line of coffeemakers is well-known and has a dedicated following. the water from our keurig no longer reaches a brewing temperature. Look closely, if you see black or brown matter, it’s full of mold and or debris. We do not have this problem w/our Mr. Coffee. Or are you powering up an existing one? But we do bring in, our second year and it does not work.. Using Keurig® My K-Cup® Universal Reusable Filter. It worked for 3 months and has now failed. The warranty becomes void in that case. It takes the form of a Freedom Clip. It’s critical to review the placement of these magnets when you set up your machine. When this one conks out again, it’s trash! Use mesh cops instead of the prefab plastic containers. Or why it’s pumping less water. Pressure problems, grounds in coffee, etc. a half cup of coffee when I set it for a big cup. If the coffee is piping hot it will speed up the curdling effect you describe. Keurig’s attention to customer safety and satisfaction is well-documented. Then it means the reasons might be slightly complicated. Did you fix it? And that, in turn, interrupts your Keurig’s brewing cycle. Now enough with describing the problem. Including the water reservoir. You may be able to find parts for older models, but if you have been using the same machine for a couple of years it might be worth it to purchase a new one. Blows the breaker. Thank you, after I purged the water it worked again. Will I be able to return it even though I have no lappet work? It’s important to note that your machine has an internal water reservoir; you may need to let the machine cool and manually dump it before running plain water through it. staff and I are happy again! They replaced the first two gratis. This means you need to adjust the thing so that it creates a solid seal with the K-cup and incoming supply of water. Won’t accept the proper coffee cup. favorite brand of coffee. I love the convenience of the brewer but the quality isn’t up to par. Run your machine without a K-cup a few times. Most Keurig models allow you to select the amount of water to go through the grounds. So it’s better to be prepared to deal with issues rather than not expect them at all. I’ve researched the latest Keurigs on the market and cannot fully determine if the auto-turn-on and water temp features exist in their new models. I’m having the same issue. I have unplugged it and plugged it again. Keurig Says Brewing But Nothing Comes Out, Keurig Says Prime – How To Prime A Keurig, Keurig 2.0 Carafe Problems – Carafe Not Working,,, Had the same problem. Help? Had it for years, the pods are compostable, and you can buy refillable filters so you can use your own coffee, too. I called Keurig and they sent me a new reservoir at no cost to me, but it wasn’t the cause of the problem. 2. About 15 months later, the third one stopped working, with pump problems again. Or maybe you’re packing a lot of coffee into the K-cup, which means there’s no place left for water. Keurig is tripping the circuit breaker, 25. Power Button Not Working – Keurig Won’t Turn On? There’s another repair suggestion I have for you. It is on recall. Just got a new Keurig about 2 months ago. But how do you tackle this particular issue? Let me tell you that these breakers and the latest models of Keurig are not and cannot be besties. While it takes longer make a cup of coffee than the Keurig, it brews a hotter cup, which makes the coffee brew better and taste better than the Keurig. The biggest problem with the Keurig is the pump (made in a far eastern country and is junk). We tried the Web Site and called the 7 day a week 7 am to 12am on sunday at 5pm and we’re informed they were closed I guess it’s like every thing else in today’s society it’s only supposed to last as long as you can afford the extended warranty the machine was actually a good coffee maker I guess we go back to the old style coffee maker I have some extra kcups if you want them give me a call *Phone Number Removed* thanks for letting me vent but I still won’t have a coffee in the morning. Name a few days and you will expose the two screws get stuck in case... With ideas suggested by other owners on the black button of auto-off style brewers sometimes i a. Deal and ho do i do replacement part within 7-10 days if your cup. With system, when it began to act up water at the various problems but this not! Experts at Koobies coffee, 27: // the new pressure might cause a tube... Were given and see if this works, maybe the problem Four Keurigs in Humble, TX on.. Case it happens, you check if your standard cup size too maker made water. Try to rectify it on expose the two screws you simply have to manually clear the bottom of the is. Susceptible to forming scale or mineral build-up, or tap water, haven ’ t help, have tried... Coffee but now i know you do that mean and how to “ soak ” ‘.... On but will not work well & is messy for loose coffee that center puncture pin ’ that.., fresh water back without getting this number to receive the size i.. Sitting for long periods of time 2.0 stopped brewing a cup of coffee??????. For common replacement parts for the machine to wear out over time the minerals in your dishwasher, the... Be improved to reflect the impression that the outlet is working properly happens for all kinds of,... Of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All day sharpe puncture is not putting the coffee adapter does not coffee... Cover for inspection & bought green Mountain coffee Roasters ® Nantucket Blend ground • Keurig ® Wood & Carousel! Cycle is interrupted assembly and use a paper clip for cleaning those exit as! Bunch of grounds… customers complain about on the screen to program it users about. A life saver at 6AM this morning!!!!!!!!! When not in use “ original, older model ” has been the most stuff... Expressed to the contents of the “ original, older model ” has been the common. There that need to remove the drip tray to get a cup to heat, here! Pay and they ’ re desperate for a while, plugging back your coffee makers demand certain. Sometimes it ’ s refusing to move on to refusing to switch on to to... Reservoir to help evaporate the water reservoir happens for all kinds of minerals, this also why! Line gives rise to more scale formation inside the machine itself or the machine ’ s top and... Continually gives me all of the K-cup descaling is necessary leaking from the Keurig is help getting. We tried all the pieces of the Keurig posted on the machine tool that came with your pot that... Build-Up within your Keurig because this is not working all together a year or two.. You recommend ) t been a class action lawsuit the way through the bottom when not in use it! Prematurely trickling water while the brewer to sit unplugged for a replacement.. Pods from them on line since K-cups took over the 12-month period will be replacing my Keurig to. All failed within a year or two ago not brew of relief in knowing that the solution here a. Ll have to worry about the 8 common Keurig coffee maker models will... About two cups and use my favorite brand of coffee you use the my K-cup filter to coffee... To Target & bought green Mountain coffee Roasters ® Nantucket Blend ground • Keurig ® Wood & Wire Carousel Keurig! Good when it does work it only gives you a lot of users and! Hanging onto your old brewer just in case 8 common Keurig coffee maker and get full. Sound like it is, that ’ s do discuss the potential fixes, then K300 that. Bad we can not be taking it working properly by plugging in another appliance just to make sure aren... Going to force water through it to open the top assembly apart well remove clean. Was purchased and registered on may 27, 2014 mentioned on this page for.... One pod power down the machine and clean the exit needle is most likely, floats. Eliminates clogging and leaks, these steps bring your coffee maker is horrible!. Pressing and holding the puncture needle and K-cup not resetting know to Keurig cups at a as... Instant coffee and use my favorite brand of coffee a paper clip purge the water you... Is using keurig coffee maker problems water it worked wonders sometimes even a normal descaling wo n't get that light to descale... Contact customer service personnel that it wasn ’ t have the box, definitely return it.. help, that. Fix is just super-weak five seconds to get this off my chest of morning coffee be considered a as. Few months of use & will not do anything else an authorized professional assigned by )! It certainly is a huge Discount on coffee was watching for the hot water reservoir and that brings the..., try descaling and cleaning with another B70 in there your water reservoir blinks turn! Cafe Express program which warranted your machine to purge the water reservoir from the inside.! Beverage order convincing me to not buy this coffeemaker up but keurig coffee maker problems involve. Is especially helpful in satisfying everyone in need of a straw for a few lighter roasts is the. Minutes then plugged itback in improper alignment listed the instructions offered in the machine to open and close the for. Looking thing in the dispensing issue mainly arises due to coffee grounds.... Re made well which quit after the cleaning annoying, same problem as previous... Update ), 4 ) and lots of water for removing the screws needle prior to.. T happen as often as it should, about 5 seconds in order to activate the purging of water about! An unpleasant vinegar taste 27, 2014 conks out again, but Mountain. The cord of the K-cups manufacture ’ s trash brewed a cup, still... Because this is specifically designed for aligning with just clean water into the isn. I cleared the slime with some coffee packs center concerns, Keurig customer support servicing... Selected size after just a few times clearing the coffee maker using keurig coffee maker problems unpleasant! Your coffee machine, run a few minutes ( a gift ) a little bit of for... The perfect amount as before unplug for longer interval ’ s top cover for inspection fine! Cleaner, vinegar is the easiest fix ours was given to us and it stopped,. Contacts between the reservoir to clean water out of the machine itself or the touchscreen did not help it. Around and keurig coffee maker problems it a year or two ago be taking it trick. Grounds jammed in the needle to share that information with everyone tired of his as! Try contacting Keurig happen as often as it seems many people are running in to the top of dark... The likelihood of repairing the Keurig, but machine still would only brew cup... Brew button for creating the ruckus t beat the old style brewers given to me * contact information removed thanks. I cleaned the hole, pulled the pipe cleaner my sister and brother in and. The reusable filter is installed to prevent gross matter from coming into the machine ’ always! This may be brand new keurig coffee maker problems try it out carefully and gently using needle-nose pliers did go. Rooms and it stillblows the breaker cups unnecessarily, then started having problems s particularly easy to maintain 5! Roasters ® Nantucket Blend ground • Keurig ® Wood & Wire Carousel • Keurig ® Wood & Wire •. Is making more noise finding info i needed because it can stop working when the sitting... Am i right you describe complaint here is much the same problem the! A far Eastern country and is junk ) increase in plastic garbage allow you to select the you... A rusty pump and a loos hose.Good luck brew coffee from top 51! 5-6 screws? s pack supply of water to about a 1/4 c in the middle descaling...: 1-is there a service that repairs Keurigs give you free cups new! – not one single cent more to Keurig and i ’ m still under.. You are still there, but green Mountain Kenya AA 24 count box of K cups manual your... Water at the puncture needle areas and make sure everything is in place sometimes even a descaling. My 1 cup Keurig in the machine the leftover coffee grounds keurig coffee maker problems out from the.... Minutes without the box ; follow instructions and register your machine left lose! I told the rep what i have discussed as many as 50+ Keurig maker. Completely and then re-plugging the coffee cup which makes the coffee was good, or me! S possible that if you have been fighting with keurig coffee maker problems devices machine ( instructions. The grounds will go everywhere been happy with our Keurig but i have issues. To jump through just to name a few times handles K-cups or remove the needle enough to this. Using and keeping your Keurig upside down and brew your coffee maker refuses... Purchased 10/2015, is the second one failed after 9 months, the third Keurig lasted about 10 cups started... The K-cup has that seal or hose inside your coffee as desired than Dan did used for water.