Although fun has long been accepted as a noun, it is considered informal when used as an adjective, and therefore, some people claim, it shouldn’t be inflected like other adjectives, but those people are no fun. Merriam-Webster defines irregardless as "nonstandard" but meaning the same as "regardless." It must have originated as a way of putting special emphasis on the following word or phrase. Registered: Jun 11, 2005. Irregardless definition, regardless. Comments . Irregardless isn't a word, as fun as it is to say. Check out these other words and phrases you’re probably using all wrong. Ordinal numbers such as first, second, and third serve as both adjectives and adverbs, making the adverbs firstly, secondly, and thirdly redundant. It usually throws them right off guard! Find more ways to say regardless, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Unfortunately, I haven't read that book, but it sounds like my cup of tea (or `expresso'). So don’t let the consensus of 100% of all language scholars dissuade you. At least 75% of the time, the word may be omitted completely and the sentence would be understood as intended. Great examination here. Found 1187 words that end in less. I wasn't familiar with a single one. I've possessed "an idiot" many times it seems! Those who are interested in knowing more about the origins of a word would find it interesting to know that the word irregardless comes from a blend of the two words irrespective and regardless. Another word for regardless. Brittany Gibson is a regular contributor to’s culture, food, health, and travel sections. She earned a BA in English from the University of Connecticut, be so regarded.” In response, grammarian James J. Kilpatrick lamented that. Oh, wait, it’s not a word! It feels like an accidental word… "Our" language is so very complicated and the examples you listed just makes it more so. Irregardless. It does not, has not, and will not. Her articles have appeared on Buzzfeed, Business Insider, AOL, Yahoo, and MSN, among other sites. As I read this article, I couldn't help but think of the arrogance of one culture to try to tell another it is somehow inferior. I enjoyed the comments as much as the article. When people say irregardless, they actually mean to say regardless. Irregardless of what Merriam-Webster says, I am wondering, what could the word irregardless possibly convey that the word regardless does not? I hope it doesn't sound too pretentious, but I'll remember your comment and use the word with added caution in future! Merriam-Webster’s advice: “Use regardless instead.”. Irregardless bothers the hell out of me.-foneddotnet. How to use irregardless in a sentence. Sometimes, words like “conversate” or “irregardless” become “established because speakers in the language find it useful,” Brewster said. Hilarious and educational, liked on Facebook and I'll be sharing :) Cheers! "Look it up. And, from my favorite weather man, may I add the word "tempahture"? I think whelmed should make a comeback! Enjoyed the hub. So, if words like "valentimes," "irregardless," and "alot" (don't even get us started on this one), make your head want to explode (literally), then this quiz is for you. So, next time you think you’re “short-texting” when you type “gonna” instead of “going to,” grammatically speaking, you’re not incorrect. Others are yet to make it into the dictionary for a variety of reasons. Its popularity has earned it a place in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Definitely some of these words serve no purpose. "Allons bon!" I find the angry replies "well you're not perfect either" a bit strange. Robert Levine from Brookline, Massachusetts on June 23, 2015: Anothger plague upon our language is real words misused to mean something other than their correct meaning--the classic example being "disinterested" instead of "uninterested." Thomas Swan (author) from New Zealand on August 06, 2013: Thanks marie for the comment and follow! Nuculer. Overwhelmed isn't too bad. 3. Thomas Swan (author) from New Zealand on June 23, 2015: That's a good one Robert. (Internet, computers, television, etc., Therefore, how we say one thing today may not be the way we say it in the future. I hate this word, and any other ‘cutesy’ word for pregnant. The unnecessary prefix was added in 14th Century England, presumably by irreparably brain damaged plague victims. As you mention, it's worth thanking people for pointing out mistakes, which is what I do on those occasions. Regardless means without regard. Many other words were researched and found to be admissible. It's funny AND informative. As in, “We conversated about the weekend plans” or “We conversated about how conversate is actually a word.” Next, check out the best online programs that are best to check you grammar. Not a word! In the case of “irrespective” and “regardless,” when put together, the two words become “irregardless,” which is commonly used by the public. Not exactly words that shouldn't be (or aren't) but certainly a disconnect from what the acronyms mean. And yes, language does evolve, so sometimes new words and phrases come to the fore, or their usage changes over time (like, literally). Those who are interested in knowing more about the origins of a word would find it interesting to know that the word irregardless comes from a blend of the two words irrespective and regardless. People who use "irregardless" are usually trying to sound more intelligent than they are. Nonplussed is Latin for "no more" in the context of being too confused to understand any more. William from America on December 28, 2013: Thank you. Thomas Swan (author) from New Zealand on November 02, 2013: Thanks Heather! As the prefix "in" often means an opposite (e.g. 8. Like it or not, irregardless is a real word. I was especially caught off guard by "overwhelmed". It sounds like something that could easily happen with the American accent though. For this reason, it sometimes makes it into dictionaries as a non-standard word. Those who use the word, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis. Yes, gonna is a word—and it has been since 1806 (the same year the word litterateur was created, which strangely, is a real word as well). Even though it is technically there, there are a large number of people who don’t consider it a word. Please leave a comment if you think there are other spelling or grammar errors that should be included. When people say irregardless, they actually mean to say regardless. Believe it or not, conversate is an actual word – and it’s been around for over 200 years. :D, I'm gonna save this one. I use it too, but I'd prefer it if I could use "whelmed" without people thinking I'm at fault. Regardless vs. Irregardless, Sneaked vs. Snuck, Assure vs. Explore the subtle difference between irregardless and regardless through examples. We talk about the word irregardless—mostly just to complain about it—far more than we actually use it. :-). Regardless means without regard. And I ALWAYS use 'firstly' and 'secondly'! It's becoming so prevalent I'm fear the real word is endangered. I think I used to say expresso LOL!!! Perhaps the correct usage would trigger an uncomfortable muscle spasm or a cerebral hemorrhage, but I am going to assume they could say it properly with a little training. The book has even got some stickers at the back which you can peel off and actually use to correct mistakes you encounter in daily life. Even though it is technically there, there are a large number of people who don’t consider it a word. Synonyms for irregardless if include whether, regardless if, regardless of whether, irrespective of whether, irregardless of whether and notwithstanding if. “Irregardless” is a word, but it's not a proper word, and your student's assertion that it's in some dictionaries is a great opportunity to talk about the different kinds of entries in dictionaries. (Oh yeah, the language there is never great.) We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Tap to play or pause GIF Disney Pixar It rolls off the tongue so nicely, but it's also not a word. Bush once used "misunderestimated" in a public speech. The word participant has exactly the same meaning and is less of a tongue twister. Thanks for the examples. Is irregardless a word? Very informative and funny all in one. These words were defined in 1913 as “utterly remorseless” and “utterly merciless,” shortened to “remorseless” and “merci… So, irregardless; I am not guilty, in fact, I am embarrassed when I hear people say this. The former denotes a constant repetition while the latter is for a single repeat occurrence. Glad you liked it! If anyone ever said Ain't, my parents forced me to say ( their favorite quote). I had not heard of granite being used in place of granted before. If you are ordering an espresso coffee and you ask for an "expresso," you might get laughed at. Nate, I agree. But dictionaries have adopted the made-up word. So, regardful? The word originated in British English in the 1840s as a variant of orient (both mean “to determine bearings”). Language is an evolving and developing "living" thing.. Marie Ryan from Andalusia, Spain on August 07, 2013: Thomas, the blurb on the back of the book reads as follows: (I hope I don't get in trouble for copying!). Thomas Swan (author) from New Zealand on September 18, 2014: Yea, we can be forgiven overwhelmed. We should all want to improve our writing skills. All three words are detested by grammarians; impactful even made it onto Harvard Business Review blogger Bryan A. Garner’s list of “65 Forbidden Buzzwords.” But it’s now in the dictionary, so it’s a word. Regardless vs. Irregardless. Nevertheless, it wouldn't be a bad idea to create a compound word in this instance. ", So punctuation really does matter, even if it is only occasionally a matter of life and death.--. A linguist would laugh at this story. 7. I'm happy that you find my work interesting. It is easy to add the suffix "ably" to longer words. Some of this superfluous defilement of English tradition results from the addition of unnecessary prefixes (e.g. (laughter) Irregardless was looked up in the dictionary in great numbers this year, in part because a number of people, including actor Jamie Lee Curtis, had the mistaken idea that the word had been newly entered to the dictionary. This commonly used word doesn't exist, although some dictionaries list it as non-standard. Cheers fpherj48, I agree that it's ok to be a grammar nazi! Irregardless of what Merriam-Webster says, I am wondering, what could the word irregardless possibly convey that the word regardless does not? 'Irregardless' of your poking fun at people, i still like this word better than just plain ole 'regardless". Suzie from Carson City on August 02, 2013: Thomas......I love Love LOVE this hub! Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on August 09, 2013: I loved this hub. English is the "melting pot" of many different languages, mostly German, French, Latin, Gaelic. And yes, language does evolve, so sometimes new words and phrases come to the fore, or their usage changes over time (like, literally). Nevertheless, more examples are required, so here are 20 words that don't belong in the English language! This point will be "reiterated" later with examples. Even in the latter usage, it is a double negative that could be substituted for a word such as "existing.". Lizolivia from Central USA on August 02, 2013: I ain't heard all these grammer uses reiterated alot. It’s Nonstandard English and is not recommended for formal writing. Despite the prevailing circumstances. Some people use Irregardless to mean the same thing as regardless, but it is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir-and -less. Wayne Barrett from Clearwater Florida on August 02, 2013: I ain't never see a hub gooder that this one. However, it … Thanks for these corrections. Mel Carriere from San Diego California on August 02, 2013: Some of us crackers from the hills are a little bit ashamed about how we talk (see what I mean) but we are making considerable strides toward improving our grammer (hah!) Like.. Like is actually a word. Like irregardless and anyways, orientate can be used but shouldn’t. Also, the reason why people must have conjured up a word like irregardless is that they would have been inspired by irrespective and irreplaceable. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. irregardless first appeared in the early 20th century and was perhaps popularized by its use in a comic radio program of the 1930s. Similar to "aksed". Irregardless. you forgot thus it means so i never ever thought that was a word, Don’t forget Ye is the old saying for the. Oh this was so funny, I got excited and hit every button! Her somewhat surprising answer: “Merriam-Webster just officially recognised ‘irregardless’ as a word.” A horrified emoji followed; 27,000 people signalled agreement with a “Like”. However, this addition is unnecessary because the words can provide the same meaning without the suffix. The Oxford English Dictionary goes a step further. This is always crystal clear to me, when I listen carefully to a person who has learned English as their second language or I read something they have written. Many of them seem as obvious as a slap in the face with a wet noodle, though yes, I've used unthaw in the past, but I learned the error of my ways :D. This is terrific and I'm so glad I saw it come through the feed thanks to Sunny River! However, English is full of those words, like “incent” for “incentivize,” itself a fancy word for “motivate.” And we have synonyms, which are just like another word, so why do we need those? It might be why some people think irregardless is a word. However, I do agree with some of your "miffs". 2. can get weirder, why can’t a fun drink get funner after they’re gone? Today, it’s only used colloquially, as in: “I’ve been blabbing about myself for hours. Greensleeves Hubs from Essex, UK on March 30, 2014: Oh dear, I see a few here that I am prone to using - notably 'unequivocably' and 'preventative' and 'reiterate'. If thaw means to defrost something, does "unthaw" mean to freeze it again? Little did they realize that these words do not … Before you go any further, see the process of how words even get added to the dictionary. Sound off in the comments. Barbara, thanks for the info. Random House Dictionary explains, “Snuck has occasionally been considered nonstandard, but it is so widely used by professional writers and educated speakers that it can no longer be so regarded.” In response, grammarian James J. Kilpatrick lamented that Random House‘s “tolerant view has not snuck up on me; it has sneaked up on me. Whilst being an accepted word, administrate can be substituted by the shorter alternative, administer. Confusion, grasping for a word, but unsure of oneself. Several of these "words" get under my skin but "aksed" really irritates me. It took me a while to realize what was meant by shoots. Thanks for sharing! English is wacky so we’ve compiled a list of words that people don’t believe are actually real, but have been declared authentic by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Moving on from the ir- prefix, there are a number of un- words which appear to contradict themselves. It is also a lazy and unimaginative mode of speech when initially, subsequently, and finally could be used instead. I never know if I've written a good hub until I read the comments, and your reaction made my day! Like it or not, irregardless is a real word. The meaning isn't clear either, as some people think it means defunct (making the prefix unnecessary), while others use it to mean something that isn't defunct. thanks to the tireless scrutiny of our fellow hubbers! Thank you also for sharing! Supposedly is, though! Anyway, I don't expect a response. :D Ain't; guilty as charged, but only when purposely speaking in slang and until someone figures out a contraction for 'There is no way in hell I will ever' ... then I'll have to continue using it in those instances that I already do. They are going to use the fork. Thomas Swan (author) from New Zealand on October 14, 2013: Thank you NateB11, Barbara Kay, brblog and Carb Diva for the nice comments. I think one that should have made your list is people's use of "libary" instead of "library." And you should also be aware that it might not be good to use a word a lot of people rightfully see as very problematic. : ). Nuculer. Like.. Like is actually a word. Especially with texting being such a staple in today’s communication, abbreviations, contractions, and other words that just don’t sound as if they possibly could be considered legitimate have become English language staples and have even been added to our dictionary. Just around the time I was reading Infinite Jest one of my college professors was talking about improperly used words. I think this is a creative hub. This commonly used word doesn't exist, although some dictionaries list it as non-standard. You know what, people who have dared to comment here are truly brave. Cheers Angie. Thank you wayne barrett and lovedoctor926. Listen to Public Enemy, then get back to me. Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on August 04, 2013: Thomas Swan: What a fun hub. I jogger had been run down by a bicyclist on a footpath and said " literally felt like I was run over by a truck." re, mis, non, over, un) to the beginning of words that already mean what is intended. I must admit that although ‘orient' is allowable I still don’t think it sounds right, I thought orient was where the Three Kings came from. It's ok to be guilty on some of these. Oh, wait, it’s not a word! I've found many of those words are quite common. So yes, irregardless is a word, even though it’s nonstandard. Irregardless, I may need more expresso brung before I'm no longer misunderestimated and supposably become non-defunct. Irregardless. Its popularity has earned it a place in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I will have none of it.”. Making fun of regional differences in pronunciation is tacky. Those "words," along with a few others you mentioned, I hear all the time and it drives me nuts. Some words in the English language are so overused that we don’t notice that they are incorrect or don’t even exist. Yes, sometimes people from different backgrounds say "aksed" or "supposably" but it's not that they actually think these are the ways the words are spelled. If some people had their way, we'd be reduced to a collection of grunts, whistles, and hand gestures. That one is quite a common mistake. As a way of demonstrating why we enter some words in the dictionary and not others let's look at irregardless's less attractive and less successful cousin, unregardless. Yes "libary" is a good one. As for the rest of them, I believe I just laughed and felt bad for people. Thanks for the great examples! Plus, irregardless can be annoying because it often takes the place of the perfectly good regardless and irrespective, which don’t deserve to be pushed out of the language by a logic-flouting upstart like irregardless. It's horrible to be taken for granite! idigwebsites from United States on November 19, 2013: To be honest, it's the first time I've seen many words in this list: brung, aksed, firstly, unthaw, participator, preventative, unequivocalby and administrate. rare after 17th cent.” spiritual, adj. We have defined the word irregardless — we define it as "regardless" — since 1934. This hub made me laugh out loud, especially at the mention of "irregardless," "aksed," and "supposably." Yes, Merriam-Webster shocks us once again with a whole nother commonly-misperceived-as-wrong word. But you should definitely only use prolly informally, as in: “U prolly don’t like that I said prolly when u asked me to marry u.” Don’t miss these grammar rules that are prolly safe to ignore. :). Which, again, is another word pertaining to anything extremely large. Do they prefer to display ignorance? In recent years, "alot" of people have realized it's not a proper word. It is a double negative that essentially just means estimated. I never thought of it as an attempt to sound more intelligent, I've always viewed it more as 'errr regardless'. Ah dwilliam, you walk a fine line using irregardless. Right meaning: There’s no correct meaning because “irregardless” is not a real word! Find more ways to say regardless, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I had the same problem with "orient". Thank you for commenting Lizolivia and dwilliam. 19 Irregardless synonyms. Marilyn L Davis from Georgia on August 07, 2013: Thank you for an informative and entertaining Hub. Meet the Author. It's a real shame because there are plenty of interesting words that might catch on if people were educated better. That's all I can say. Thank you for reading! And it’s not because the lexicographers working on these dictionaries have betrayed the English language by allowing such a mongrel of a word into them. Anusha Jain from Delhi, India on October 27, 2017: Wow. As regardless is already a negative, adding "ir" makes it a meaningless double negative. The English language is littered with words that don't exist or shouldn't be there. I can't stand when I hear the word brung used instead of brought just like went used in place of gone. She was previously an editorial intern for and Westchester Magazine. Not a word! Michele Travis from U.S.A. Ohio on October 03, 2013: You do write some very interesting hubs. Then I was corrected by my barista friend. Particularly interesting to word nerds like Sokolowski, a lexicographer, is quarantine. With everything else going on in the world right now, we don't know how long the debate will rage on, though plenty of people seem very worked up. Cheers Canthearmescream! Not surprisingly, whelmed means to be completely overcome, inundated, or submerged. The -oid in factoid is a suffix (word ending) that means “resembling” or “like,” so factoid really means “fact-like.” 3. Those who use it, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis. I chose it because, in the context of the sentence, using "while" might confuse the reader more. (Same with conversating and conversated. Well, it's part of my learning experience I guess. Right meaning: There’s no correct meaning because “irregardless” is not a real word! I heard some people say that it is and others that it is not. I hope I have not made too many mistakes in this comment. It's as if the dictionaries are endorsing an attitude of "don't read the dictionary", which seems a bit counter-productive. As regardless is already a negative, adding "ir" makes it a meaningless double negative. Some of these words were forced into existence by their popular use; with dictionary writers succumbing to the will of mass ignorance. Why do people say "irregardless" and where do we get words like "sleuth," "red herring," and "gumshoe"? A very good list. Which I suppose could mean that I had no business using the word overwhelmed either! I haven't heard conversate before. Considering that "alittle" is not a word, it should be no surprise that "alot" isn't either. Most grammarians agree with Garner’s Modern American Usage: “Firstly is considered inferior to first.” But it is a word that people use, even if the best example is given in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary—”Firstly, gather all the ingredients together”—sounds a bit awkward. It’s a mystery; no English verb that ends in the -eek sound has a past tense ending in -uck. Jared Miles from Australia on August 02, 2013: Well done Thomas, I genuinely enjoyed reading another great article of yours. 4. Merriam-Webster says “the most frequently repeated remark about irregardless is that ‘there is no such word.’ There is such a word, however.” It has been used (mistakenly) in place of regardless since the early 1900s and has now been admitted into dictionaries. In North America it has come to mean unimpressed or unfazed, although this meaning does not appear in most dictionaries. Also "tempahture" comes into that category I think. Dating back to the 13th century, anyways was gradually shortened to anyway. Great list! It was probably formed on the analogy of such words as irrespective, irrelevant, and irreparable.

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